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Want an idea of what to expect for your first session? 


Contact me to set up our first session together.  I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation so that we can get to know one another better to determine if we are a good fit in working together.  


Once an appointment is scheduled, please take some time to completely fill out the required paperwork before you come for your first appointment. These forms are all online, and will need to be completed and signed before we begin. Let me know if you have any questions about these forms.


If our session will be held online (telehealth), I will send you the link on the morning of our scheduled appointment.


If you are coming in person, parking is available on the street or at Hiawatha Park, across the street from my office. Our entrance is to the right when you are looking at the Orion building. Make your way up the elevator or stairs to Suite 301, on the third floor. Help yourself to tea or water as you wait in the waiting area until I come out to you.

Our time together will be collaborative. I will prioritize getting to know you, and working with you to determine goals for therapy.  


Counseling can be a disruptive process, bringing to the surface aspects of your life that you have never before addressed. Give yourself the grace to create space for self care such as sleep, exercise, and time to process. Growth is not linear in counseling, and concerns may increase for a time as a normal part of healing. If at any point you are unsure of the direction of our work, I encourage you to ask questions or give feedback.  

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