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I consider it a tremendous privilege to be invited into people's lives, and  would be honored to support you in your journey toward healing and wholeness. 


I LOVE MY WORK. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who lives and plays in Seattle with my husband of 20 years, three teenagers, and much-loved family pets. I enjoy the challenges of seeking to hold the work that I love along with the wild ride of marriage, motherhood, and life in community.

I LOVE RELATIONSHIPS. I do. And yet I get how hard our relationships often are. Cultivating connection, safety, intimacy and delight in our relationships takes a tremendous amount of courage, humility, perseverance, grace, and (more often than not) forgiveness. I love walking alongside others as they seek to heal from the ways in which relationships have been painful, and begin to discover beauty, belonging, and hope in unexpected places.    

I LOVE LEARNING AND EXPLORING. In rebellion against a society that values "experts", I treasure the lifelong JOURNEY towards growth and discovery. And I am convinced that we cannot grow without taking risks, being willing to fail, and leaning into the supports, resources and opportunities provided for us. I have travelled to about 25 countries, lived in just about every region of the US, and worked with a wide range of populations...I welcome any chance to learn from others and to enrich my worldview.

MY LOVES ARE DEEPLY ROOTED. My faith informs my work. I believe that ALL people have dignity and value. I love to support the thriving of the whole person—emotional, physical, relational, mental, AND spiritual. I welcome you to speak openly with me about your desire to explore any of these realms of who you are so that I can support the thriving of your whole person.



During therapy, my first priority is to get to know you, understand your current situation, and support your goals for therapy. Our therapeutic relationship will be characterized by respect and confidentiality.   

I work from a systems perspective, which means issues do not exist in isolation but in the context of families, communities, experiences, and cultures. I use a combination of research based therapy approaches that I have found to be incredibly effective in supporting growth. My work is grounded in attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, EFT, a research-based model that provides a map for healing and closeness.


I have completed the Gottman Couples Therapy Level One training and the Prepare Enrich marriage certification. I find these tools to be useful, along with EFT, in helping couples know each other more fully, better understand their strengths, communicate more effectively, and develop deeper intimacy.  

I also use Lifespan Integration Trauma Therapy (a highly effective, gentle, body-based therapeutic method which heals without re-traumatizing).  


  • License #LF61019853

  • Master of Science, Marriage and Family Therapy, Seattle Pacific University.

  • AAMFT American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

  • WAMFT Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

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