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I understand that paying out of pocket is not an option for all clients. Many excellent therapists partner with insurance providers, and if you need to see someone who accepts insurance, I will do my best to make a referral to a qualified therapist who does. There are several reasons, however, that I do not partner with insurance carriers. 

  • Insurance companies require me to diagnose a mental disorder in order for them to pay for sessions. Not everyone who seeks therapy has a mental disorder, and I do not always feel comfortable assigning a diagnosis to those who are seeking support for their emotional, relational, spiritual, and mental thriving. 

  • Many insurance companies place significant restrictions on what types of services they will cover. For example, many insurance companies will not cover marriage or family therapy and they often dictate what specific type of treatment they will cover, which may not be in your best interest. My hope is that YOU would be actively involved in determining what type of care you are receiving. With insurance, many of your choices, as well as my treatment options, are limited. I prefer to be accountable to you as my client for your best care, not to insurance carriers.  

  • Filing a claim through your insurance company potentially jeopardizes your confidentiality. Going to therapy can feel like a vulnerable and risky step, and I am committed to protecting your privacy as you take this courageous step. When a bill is submitted to your insurance company, your confidential information (including the diagnosis) is accessible by anyone who has a legitimate reason to access it, such as insurance companies and future employers. This may not be in your best interest. 

While I love children, and have received training in play therapy, my office space is not set up to accommodate kids. I currently work with adolescents starting at around12 years old. 

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